Barre Family at Easter

Vacation Condo in Marco Island, Florida
A View From the Street The Pool A View from the Front Door
Marbelle Club Pool Before Furniture
We live on the 18th Floor. We can watch the kids playing in the pool. It looks better now. We have some furniture
The Masons Visited for Spring Break Alligators Susie's Sisters & Cousins Visited
Masons in Florida Melissa and Alligator Nancy, Donnie, Cathy at Marco
  • In Florida, you can drive right up to the alligators.
  • Melissa demonstrates by leaning out of the car window.
  • That black thing you see is an alligator only 6 feet away.
The Cornings, Susie's Cousins View from the Balcony Nanci Mason Enjoyed Sunset
Cornings in Marco View down the Marco Beach Nanci Mason Enjoyed Sunset
Susie had the opportunity to meet the Cornings, her cousins, who live nearby.    

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