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BSN in Nursing Haiti Registered Nurse



Friends at Basketball Game


  • Immediately after graduation I went to Haiti for 3 weeks
  • Our team held clinics and worked at an orphanage
  • I studied like a fiend for 2 months and then took the Nursing Boards
  • I passed! Now I am a Registered Nurse

Baptism New Apartment
Melissa Baptism Melissa and Friends Melissa and Friends
  • I was baptised in the spring of 2010
  • Mom and Dad attended along with my friends
  • The ceremony was led by our small group leader
  • In May I moved into my own apartment in Pasadena
  • It is in a quiet neighborhood and 2 blocks from great restaurants, clubs, theaters
  • I share with a roommate

UCLA Pediatric ICU
Mexico Ministry Dominican Republic



Mexico Ministry

Mexico March 2007

Dominican Republic Coat of Arms
  • On December 21, 2010 I got a fabulous job offer from the Pediatric ICU at the UCLA Med Center
  • I start February 28, 2011
  • "Paychecks Rule": Matt Barre
  • Since graduation I have made 2 trips to Mexico
  • I was the sole nurse on each trip.
  • In Summer '07 I joined 9 others from APU on a trip to the Dominican Republic
  • We held clinics for rural families

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