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Barre Family Adventure Highlights
Tony & Susie in Spain
Susie in Cordoba Cathedral Nanci and Sagrada Familia Casa Batllo
  • In 2011, Susie turned 60, Sister Nanci turned 75, & Niece Jenny turned 50, so they went to Spain
  • We visited Madrid, Barcelona, & Seville
  • Here is a slideshow
Tony & Susie in New Zealand
Oceanic Discoverer Kiwi Tasman Glacier
  • In February 2011 Susie and Tony visited New Zealand, traveling with Lindblad
  • We visited Christchurch only two weeks before the big earthquake
  • After exploring Tasman Glacier we joined 60 other travelers on the Oceanic Discoverer
  • For 2 weeks we toured cities along the coast of New Zealand. Here is our route.
  • Here is a slideshow
Melissa's Graduation Vancouver
Melissa Graduation Visiting Vancouver with the Callaghans
  • Highlight of the Year 2010 was Melissa's graduation from APU in July with a BSN
  • After a mission trip to Haiti, she passed her boards and is now an RN
  • More photos here
  • In June 2010 we visited Vancouver
  • We were joined by Ron Callaghan and his wife Flo
  • Ron and Tony were friends in Franklin Square since 3rd grade
2010 NCAA Wrestling Championships Vermont and New York
NCAA Wrestling Championships in Omaha Visiting Terry in VermontSusie with Candy & Charlie
  • We went to the NCAA Wrestling Championships
  • The event was in Omaha
  • We saw a number of friends with similar interests
  • Great Wrestling
  • We took a Fall trip to the East Coast
  • We visited Tony's sister Terry in Vermont. Melissa joined us on this trip as well as Terry's husband Ed and Maxie the dog.
  • Its always good to see Terry, but we also toured the Ben & Jerry factory.
  • Then we visited Candy and Charlie in Rhinebeck NY. We had an excellent adventure crossing the Walkway Over The Hudson


New Year in San Francisco Iowa
New Years in San Francisco Midwest FamilySusie and Theresa
  • We joined Wayne and his family celebrating New Year 2010 in San Francisco
  • Here Wayne and Tony are clowning around on the cable car
  • We visited Iowa in both June and September
  • We had a Memorial Service for Donnie. Afterward, the family joined us for dinner.
  • We visited many friends. Susie & Theresa taught together in Boone a long time ago.
  • We also did a lot of bike riding; much of it with Jeff Rugen

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