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Travis's Activities
Cuesta College Brooke is my Girlfriend Earning $$
Cuesta College Brooke Deliveing Pizza for Dominos
  • Computer Science Major at Cuesta College
  • After 2 successful years in Engineering at the University of Washington I am back in CA
  • I have applied to schools in the UC system for admission Fall 2011
  • Watch this space for news
  • Brooke and I have been together for over a year
  • She is in her 2nd year at Cuesta majoring in business and works 2 jobs
  • I got a job delivering pizza for Dominos
  • Tips are surprising
  • I'm thinking of writing an iPhone ap to track tips; anyone interested? only 99¢

Bullards Bar   Wakeboarding
Lacrosse   Travis First Tantrum
  • Jake is my friend from the University of Washington
  • He joined us in our annual trip to Bullards Bar and learned to wakeboard
  • We live just 5 minutes from the lake.
  • I throw a good Tantrum.! Check it out.

aluminum bar

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