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Welcome to the Barre Family Internet Site. Here you will find news and pictures about recent family events. Each of the family members has a separate page to share news and their interests. Select a family member in the picture above to see their pages.     Here are recent adventures.

What's Going on with the Barre Family

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Overview of Barre Family Happenings
This Page. Here you will find a directory to what's going on with each member of the Barre family.
What's Going on with Melissa
Melissa graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BS in Nursing. She passed her boards and got her RN. Now flooding LA hospitals with applications. On this page you can see the highlights of her activities.
What's Going on with Travis
Travis is attending Cuesta College studying Computer Science. On his page you can see pictures of his latest exploits.
What's Going on with Matt
Matt is doing Business Development for Daylight Solutions, a startup specializing in mid-IR lasers. Kyle is pleased with her move to Marketing. On Matt's page you can see more news.
What's Going on with Tony
Tony enjoys frequent traveling
What's Going on with Susie
Susie is substitute teaching. She enjoys traveling seeing Iowa friends and sister Nancy more often.
Recent Family Adventures
Melissa's Graduation brought the whole family together. We also had trips to Vancouver, Iowa, and the NCAA Wrestling Championships in Omaha.
Here's where we keep old pictures and stories that are too precious to throw away.
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